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Flower Wine Charm


  • Berry baskets (any size or material will work)
  • Floral wax tissue paper or regular tissue paper
  • Plastic floral liners
  • Floral foam
  • Seasonal flowers and greenery
  • Garden clippers or scissors


  1. Cut wax tissue paper to fit and line your basket (about 12" square for a quart-size basket) and place inside. Next, place the liner on top of the tissue paper to prevent leakage
  2. Cut the floral foam to size so that it fits tightly within the liner. Once it is cut to size, soak the piece of floral foam in water for approx. 2 minutes before placing it back inside the berry basket
  3. Begin making your floral arrangement with your largest flowers first (flowers with larger blooms like ranunculus, anemones or roses work well here) and evenly add the stems throughout, leaving space between the stems for the next layer of flowers
  4. Next add in a second round of flowers at different heights (scabiosa, craspedia and daffodils are nice options), keeping in mind that your arrangement doesn't have to be symmetrical or perfect
  5. Add in any additional flowers or greenery, like mint or sage, until the entire floral foam is covered and your arrangement looks pretty and full

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Example of floral wine charms